Located in a top-secret location, this exclusive beach is only open for the VIP members of the Whaley Community.
Whaley is a collection of 4,000 randomly generated Whaley NFTs on the Elrond Network.
Whaleys are cute, fun, and a little goofy. They are known for eating too many fish and creating legendary memes.


Every Whaley is UNIQUE!

Each Whaley is programmatically generated from over… traits.
Traits are: mouth, eyes, clothing, objects and more!

Trait Rarity percentages #comingSOON!

The Roadmap:

  • Q4 2021
    – Launch of the preorder phase (500 Whaleys in presale)
    – Initializing a NFT partnership with the crypto green eCommerce to add utility for Whaley (@MiraiLabsExp)  

    – Limited editions and Rarity information reveal  
    – Website launch 
    – Mainnet NFT minting of the first 500 Whaleys
  • Q1 2022
    – MarketPlace auction of 1500 Whaleys
    – Introduction of Monthly Giveaways for Whaleys holders.
    – Weekly drops and auctions of Limited Edition Whaleys
    – Whaley Booster in partnership with brands
  • Q2 2022
    – Implementation of new functions on the website
    – NFTs rewards for holding Whaleys
  • Q3-Q4 2022
    – Community driven project governance

    WhaleyNFTs Team.

    Informative note:
    We reserve the right to make changes whenever necessary to improve our services and the success of WhaleyNFTs project.

Most frequent questions and answers

Whaley is a 4000 generative NFT project hosted on the Elrond Network.

The Whale is the most iconic and desired Sticker of the Maiar App and
Every Elrond Supporter aim to get it.
That’s why we decided to create p
ersonalized Whaleys for everyone.

Only 4,000 Whaleys will be ever minted. The first 500 have been sold during the presale.

In the preorder phase, each Whaley was available for 0.25 EGLD.
This price is only for the early adopters.
Whaley Price on Marketplaces will be (COMING SOON)

We aim to launch Whaley by the end of November,
Follow us on Twitter and Discord to get the latest updates regarding the launch.

No, the distribution of Whaleys is completely random during the presale and launch.

However, you will be able to buy your favorite Whaleys once the WhaleyNFTs hits the secondary market.



Whaley Vale



Whaley Aky



Whaley DoubleLPM

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